Medicare Supplement’s California Birthday Rule: Another Reason to Celebrate.


By Theresa Struckmeyer

Senior Health and Finance Specialist

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We discussed in an earlier post why it is important to compare your Medicare Supplement plan at least once every other year to make sure you are getting the best price for your Medigap Plan, but for some this may be a problem. Most Medicare Supplement plans are subject to underwriting so for those with serious health conditions such as heart disease, COPD, or a recent history of internal cancer, it may not be as easy to switch as you must get approved for the new plan. There are a few exceptions to having to go through underwriting such as when a person is turning 65 years old and a few others that may apply. A great advantage to living in our great state, California, is you can switch your Medicare Supplement Plan each year around your birthday without having to go through underwriting thanks to the California Birthday Rule.

In order to qualify for the California birthday rule you must sign up for your new plan on your birthday or within 30 days past your birthday . You must also sign up for a plan that is the same letter plan you have now or a letter plan that covers less. So for instance, if you have plan F, you can sign up for another plan F or you can downgrade your plan to a plan that covers less than plan F. If you have plan N, you will not be able to upgrade your plan to a plan that is more comprehensive but you can switch to another plan N or to a plan that covers less than plan N.

If you want to shop for another Medicare Supplement Plan, there typically is no reason to wait for your birthday as the sooner you sign up, the faster you can start saving. If you have major health concerns, the California birthday rule can be a great help for someone who otherwise cannot change their plan due to their health.

Your agent can help you determine if you can sign up for a plan right away or if you need to wait until your yearly birthday enrollment so no need to worry about when the right time is for you, just give us a call to find out the best course of action for your specific case. We specialize in Medicare Supplement plans in Southern California so our agents are well trained in helping Californians with their Medicare needs. We can help seniors determine the best plans in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego County. We can help seniors over the phone, via the internet, here in our Riverside County office, or right in your home. Whatever your preference, we are here for you! give us a call today at 1(855) 731-8888, email us, or chat with us online.

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