Clarification on Obama Care and what it does to Medicare

What Medicare Insurance Means for Seniors Under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)

Changes to Medicare insurance 2013-2015: For Seniors with Medicare insurance or Medicare Advantage not much will change under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Most seniors will enjoy the benefits, rights and protections of the new health care law like expanded access to wellness visits, more preventative care, and cheaper drugs with little or no change to their insurance costs.

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Although most seniors will have nothing to worry about, some higher earning seniors may see their Medicare or Medicare Advantage premiums rise slightly or be affected by some taxes like the capital gains tax.

Generally though, the money to improve Medicare and extend it’s solvency 2029 doesn’t come out of the pockets of Medicare recipients. It’s  comes from ObamaCare’s focus on cutting Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse, and it’s many Medicare focused cost curbing measures.

Let’s find out what 2013-2015 means for Seniors and Medicare.

No one who qualifies for Medicare has to pay a fee for not obtaining insurance or shop on their State’s Health Insurance Marketplace. If you like your Medicare insurance, you can keep it.

Seniors Medicare Insurance: What You Need to Know For 2015


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