3 Reasons a Medicare Advantage Plan may be the Right Fit for you

By Theresa Struckmeyer

Senior Health and Finance Specialist


In an earlier post, we covered 3 reasons a Medicare Supplement Plan might be a good choice for you. Medigap plans do offer more freedom , however, a Medicare Supplement plan may not work for every senior. Below are some reasons why you may consider a Medicare Advantage plan instead of a Medicare Supplement plan.

  1. Monthly Cost: The trend today is that most Medicare Part C plans do not have an additional monthly premium for the plan. This means a senior who selects a Medicare Advantage Plan will likely only be responsible for their Medicare Premium. For a senior on a tight budget this could be a very attractive feature of Medicare Part C. With a Medicare Advantage Plan a senior can protect their finances because there is a maximum out of pocket limit per year unlike Medicare alone .  And since there is no additional cost most times, a senior can do this without spending any money. Also, Medicare Advantage Plan benefits also must be at least as good as or better than benefits with Medicare alone. Most Medicare Part C plans tend to have lower co-pays than Original Medicare so opting for a Medicare Advantage plan will also help by reducing out of pocket costs.


  1. Part D Usually Included: When signing up for original Medicare, you should also sign up for a Medicare Part D prescription plan. Part D plans have additional monthly premiums. If you opt for a Medicare Advantage plan instead, the good news is most plans already include Part D in the plan with no additional premium. No cost Part D benefits can save a senior hundreds of dollars a year in Part D premiums.


  1. Additional Benefits: Continuing on the cost saving theme, many Medicare Supplement plans have additional benefits not covered by Medicare alone. These benefits can save you hundreds a year spent on purchasing this coverage separately or paying for these goods/services out of pocket. Popular inclusions that some plans offer are dental services, vision, acupuncture, transportation to appointments, hearing aids, and over the counter supplies such as vitamins or incontinence supplies. One thing to keep in mind is every Medicare Advantage plans offer different benefits and typically these benefits will change from year to year so if some of these additions are important to you, you will want to let your agent know so that he/she can try to find you the best plan for your particular needs.


Before signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you should also be aware of the limitations of a Medicare Advantage plan. For instance, in Southern California, most Medicare Advantage plans are HMO’s which will limit you to your plans network of doctors. There are other limitations as well that you should understand before deciding on a Medicare Part C plan over a Medicare Supplement plan. Your agent should  be able to explain both the benefits and limitations of the different plans available to you so that you feel comfortable in your decision.  If you have questions, we are here to help! We are always a phone call 1-855-731-8888 , online chat, or email away!


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